There are multiple ways one can enhance a photograph. It is the abundance of image editing software that has allowed everyone to present themselves better than they look. Also, the process is so simple that people have converted it to a fashion, rather than a profession. Photograph retouching is a very simple process, and you can make an old and weary looking person young and attractive.

There are many basic to advanced methods of retouching a photo. There is numerous software such as Adobe Photoshop, Coral Draw, GIMP, etc, that allow the retouching with a single click of the mouse. However, what one should not forget is that every software has its own method of selection and performing the task, the concept is however basically the same. One can improve the photo by using the crop functions using in almost all the software. One can also improve the central focus of the photo, thus, illuminating the point of the photo that needs attention. This means that changing the shade of skin color of someone’s face in the photo, red eye or blemish removal, hiding dark circle under one’s eye, etc, are considered good examples of photo retouching.

Retouching & Enhancing a Photo

Retouching a photo of a person could be a hard work. Even though there are shortcuts provided in most of the software to heal the picture, there are many smaller details that one need to lookout for when performing a proper retouching. You should always start with the most obvious of the adjustments that need to be made.

You should check out for any discoloration in the photographs. Often scanned photographs have this problem and could be solved easily. Next watch out for any blotches, they could really reduce the beauty of the picture. One can try to select the whole picture and move it around to see if there is any noticeable flickering in the color of the picture. It is hard to find the discoloration on a static image.

Next you need to find out a bit of smaller details in the picture. One can look for blemishes on the face, for example a broken eyelash near the eye, or a pimple that looks a bit odd. One can create an additional layer, which is an option available in all software, and start removing these odd bits. If you are using healing brushes or clone tool, it is a better option to keep them to as light as possible, so that the change made to the picture does not spring out, rather blend in.

Once the retouching phase is complete, you can concentrate on enhancing the photo. It is important to remember that only you are familiar with the changes and that people would not be expecting unusual changes. Hence, it is important that you keep the picture natural but enhanced. One can improve the shine in the hair, or balance out the makeup, which are obvious ways of enhancing, and people usually connect the shine or the smoothness of the picture to the camera quality.